Products for vegetarians 

Vegeterian diet is deficient in some nutrients and trace elements. In order to have a well balanced diet vegeterians should properly supplement their diet. Otherwise it may lead to dangerous complications connected with immune system, bones and muscles!

Among supplements for vegeterians you can find e.g. goji berries as well as a wide range of other plant-based products which include fruit and vegetable powders. The advantage of dried fruits and vegetables is a convenient storage and shipping. What is more they can be consumed all year around.

Dried kale, broccoli and artichoke powders are interesting addition to vegeterian recipes. Dired fruits are ideal to be used in desserts and cakes, delicious even for kids.

Despite popular opinion vegeterian diet does not have to result in chronic diseases. The key is suitable, efficient supplementation to supply the complete range of nutrients. Thanks to modern supplements it is not difficult to do nowadays!



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