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Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your interest in our company and our services. Protecting our users' privacy when using our website is very important to us. It is important for us to keep our user's personal data well protected. Therefore, we would like to inform you about the way your personal information is used: The Privacy Policy is available on our website it can be printed out, downloaded or saved to your computer.

1)     Basic information, the responsible subject

Personal details are collected only on our website, if you wish to place and order or to register. Your details are used without asking for your consent for the order processing purposes and when answering your questions. When the contract expires, the data is kept for tax and trade purposes and then deleted as provided for by legal regulations, unless you give your expressed consent for their further processing.

Please note that the data transmission in the Internet (e.g. when communicating via electronic post) may have some gaps in their protection system. Full personal data protection is impossible.

Kenay GmbH

13357 Berlin

is the subject responsible for personal data protection.

More information about Kenay GmbH available in Impressum (

 2)     Use of personal data

In general, you can visit Kenay website without revealing any information about yourself.However, use of Kenay services requires registration and personal information voluntary entry. To register, you are requested to provideus with your e-mail address, password. When activating your account, apart from your name and surname, your telephone number must also be given. This information is necessary to settle contracts with the users. Users are requested to update their personal details, if they change. Personal details collected at registration are then transferred to an indicated Bank for payment processing purposes.

Payment details made by PayPal will be transferred to PayPal (Europe) S być. ŕ r. l. et Cie, S. C. A. (hereinafter called "PayPal").

 3)     Cookies

To make visiting our website attractive and to allow to use certain functions, we use so called cookies.A cookie is a small text file stored by a website on your computer to keep track of information about your browsing on that site. Some cookie files we use are automatically removed upon completion of browsing, while others shall remain on the user’s terminal to allow us to identify the user’s browser at a next visit. The user may configure his/her browser to be notified about the cookie use and decide individually whether to accept or reject them. However, a refusal of a cookie may limit proper functioning of our website.

 4)     Log file server

The provider automatically collects and stores the information in so called log file servers which your browser automatically sends to us. They are: the browser type, version, system work, URL referrer, host’s name, access to the computer, time of sending your request to the server. The files are not attributed to any particular person. We reserve our right to browse the information, if it has been used unlawfully.

5)     Disclosure of personal information to third parties

Personal details shall be disclosed to third parties only with regard to Kenay Homepage settings. Personal details are disclosed to third parties or to authorised subjects only when it is required by law or when it is necessary to enforce Kenay rights, especially to enforce claims resulting from contracts.

6)     A contract to evaluate a purchase

If you give us your expressed consent when placing your order or after placing it to evaluate your purchase by activating a proper choice field or a button (“Evaluate later”), we shall give your e-mail address to Trusted Shops GmbH, Subbelrather Str. 15c 50823 Köln ( which will remind you by e-mail about the possibility to submit your evaluation. Your consent can be withdrawn at any time by an e-mail sent at contact address listed below or directly to Trusted Shops.

7)     Information on the data, data correction and deletion

Both the data and settings may be browsed by the user on his/her account, they may be processed and deleted. Users are entitled to free information about their stored personal details, they may correct, block or delete them. Any questions referring to personal details storage, processing, use, disclosure, correction, prohibition or deletion as well as revocation of your consent must be sent at the following address:

8)     Newsletter

If you wish to receive a newsletter offered on our website, we need your e-mail address and the information to allow us to check whether you are the owner of this e-mail address and your consent to receive our newsletter. The information you provide us with shall be used only to send the required information and shall not be disclosed to any third parties. Your consent to receive the newsletter may be withdrawn at any time, among other options, by the link “Unsubscribe”.

9)     Smartsupp using

We support you by means of Smartsupp software on all our sub-pages so we can be reached directly during the opening hours of our shop. Smartsupp is installed on our Homepage in the right bottom corner and is operated by, s.r.o., Milady Horakove 13, 602 00 Brno, the Czech Republic. The details are available on pod
Smartsupp uses cookies and Flash cookies to personalise our services. All information is placed voluntarily. A chat history is copied anonymously, so asking further questions is possible. Cookie files are removed from the computer upon leaving the website. The data and the content of the boxes intended for placing the order are not transferred to Smartsupp.

10) Using social widgets

On our websites you can find so call social widgets to the following social networking sites (hereinafter called “social networks”): Facebook (operated by: Facebook Inc., 1601 WILLOW ROAD, MENLO PARK, CA 94025, the United States).

 Social widgets activation

To protectyour personal details in the best possible way, Kenayrelies on technology to guarantee that the data transfer by social widgets to the operator and the network is impossible without prior activation of the social widgets by the user. They are inactive on our website and without proper activation they cannot be linked with Facebook or any other social networking site. If you activate them by clicking on the link “activate”, you give your consent for the data mentioned in 2) above transmission to the social networks. Once you activate the widgets you are linked with a particular social networking site. Clicking once again, you can submit your recommendation of our page in the social networking site. When visiting our page you are logged on the social networking site, a next logging window does not appear.

Clicking the „activate the social network” button, you give your consent for the data mentioned in pt. 2) to be transmitted to an appropriate social network operator.

It refers only to a currently open Internet page and a selected operator. Your confirmation is important for this session and after leaving our page it must be always renewed.

Your consent may be counselled at any time by clicking „switch off social networks” button.

Our pages have not only social widgets but also a simple link to Facebook. Data exchange with the Facebook’s operator takes place only when you click a special icon (e.g.: “f” for Facebook). If you click such an icon, the page of an appropriate social networking operator opens in a separate window. Pursuant to social networking regulations, publication of information on our products there is prohibited. 

Data transfer via social widgets

Once you activate a generally inactive social widget, a connection with a specific social networking operator is initiated and your personal date are transferred there. We have no influence on the quantity of personal information social networks collect thanks to social widgets. According to our knowledge, each time social networks get the information from the Internet pages you currently open or have opened previously.

 Each activated widget at each page calling installs cookies files with a unique identifier. In this way, a social network is able to create your online activity profile. It is possible that such a profile shall be allocated to you even in case of your later registration on a social network.

When visiting our web you are logged on any social network, the operator of this social network may associate your visit to your personal account, provided you activate a generally inactive social widget. When using functional social widgets (“I like it”, your comment buttons), the information from your browser is transmitted to a specific social networking site and stored there. The same happens when opening the Internet page of social media administrators by clicking an appropriate symbol.

If you are not a member of any social network, it is possible that social networks will collect and store your IP address, the information on your browser and the operating system you use after each activation of social widgets. Privacy policy of each social network defines the scope and purpose of the data collection, their processing and use as well as the rights and privacy protection, available at:


If you are a member of any social network, but you wish to limit data collection on our web and allocating you user data to the data collected on the social networking site you should log off from the social networking site before visiting us.

We encourage, if need be, to install appropriate add-ons for your browser (for ex.: so called “Facebook Blocker”). However, you cannot be held responsible for its efficiency.

Kenay reserves its right to introduce some amendments to this privacy policy in the future.

The state as at 07.11.2016.



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