Circulatory system 

The main function of the blood circulatory system is transporting oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body. However adverse external factors or improper reactions in the body can lead to blood circulation problems. Decreasing blood flow in arteries can lead to serious medical consequences and needs to be eliminated. There have been developed dietary supplements which directly influence blood circulation in the body.

Supplements rich in unsaturated fatty acids, flavonoids and recently popular resveratrol have beneficial effect on blood circulation in the body.

Cholesterol has been recognized as the most dangerous factor for blood circulation in recent years. It stick to artieries walls and decreases blood flow. It leads to dangerous situations i.e. blocked arteries which can result in serious medical consequences. Dietary supplements lower "bad" cholesterol level. They also stimulate "good" cholesterol production which does not block the arteries and supports trace elements transport to body cells.



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